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LEED Commissioning

Design through to full operation - – “Fundamental” commissioning is required for all projects applying for LEED certification.  “Enhanced” commissioning is done to obtain extra (2) LEED credits.

LEED certified buildings are commonplace in B.C and all of North America. LEED requires that at minimum, HVAC&R systems, lighting control systems, domestic hot water systems and renewable energy systems are commissioned. KD has been providing LEED commissioning services for buildings in BC since the inception of LEED.

KD has completed, or is currently working on over 35 LEED registered or certified projects. KD has never failed to satisfy a LEED audit review. KD's LEED commissioning process also incorporates the current B.C. industry standard "hands on", commissioning For the Mechanical Contractor , so important to local consultants and contractors.

For a more detailed description on KD's LEED commissioning process, please read "The LEED Commissioning Process for Buildings in BC"