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KD Engineering's Commissioning department involved in Canada’s first commercial LEED v4 Platinum certified project!

"New office demonstrates potential impact of green building in fighting climate change, with predicted 25.3 per cent savings in energy costs and emphasis on innovation and wellness in design"

February 6, 2017 – OTTAWA, ON – The Canada Green Building Council® (CaGBC) announced today that its new Vancouver office has certified LEED v4 Platinum for Interior Design + Construction (ID+C) – becoming the first commercial project to earn LEED v4 Platinum in the country. As Canada’s leading non-profit supporting the design and construction of green, healthy buildings, CaGBC’s goal with this new office was to provide leadership to the industry and demonstrate how a state-of-the-art, innovative green office can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve employee well-being...see more


A Building Commissioning Fable is presented here as a humorous analogy of what can be expected from a building which is not properly commissioned. While one would expect aircraft to be fully tested prior to production and public use, buildings regularly are not, which, with no exaggeration, results in the same problems as the hapless aircraft in the story. When we are describing the reality of our industry, it really is not very humorous. Buildings are complex and one-of-a-kind (even identical designs have significant differences due to the different trades, products and people involved). Buildings need commissioning. A properly commissioned project requires that the commissioning agent involved with the project have expertise in many varied disciplines. Some of these disciplines are:

  • Coordination
  • Communication
  • Documentation
  • Mechanical systems
  • DDC control systems

This combination of skills is rare, and care must be taken to ensure that the selected Commissioning Agent possess all these skills and more. KD's team of commissioning personnel includes engineers, technologists and technicians, with backgrounds in design, testing and balancing, building operations, controls and maintenance manual preparation. In addition to hiring a qualified Commissioning Agent, past performance (on completed projects) must be reviewed prior to deciding upon which commissioning agent will ensure your project is completed successfully.

Types of Building Commissioning

Building commissioning can being carried out under various scopes and contractual arrangements. Here is a list of the major types of building commissioning.

For the Mechanical Contractor: (contract tender through to demonstration) - as generally practiced in British Columbia, Canada

Whole Building Commissioning for the Owner: (design through to full operation) - also known as Total Quality Management

LEED Commissioning For the Owner: (design through to full operation) – in order to achieve LEED certification on a project

Electrical Commissioning: (Division 16 should not be overlooked)

Re-Commissioning: (making it work again - or perhaps for the first time)